Guidelines For Finding The Best Online Psychics

Many people think that online psychics are frauds and the truth of the matter is that the vast majority are frauds. After all, many of them take advantage of the gullibility of people who are going through difficult situations to make a quick buck. However, this doesn’t mean there are no good online psychics or that they aren’t real. This is far from the truth and there are many genuine psychics, you just need to know where to find them and how to determine that they’re real. So, we will now look at a few tips so you can find a great psychic that will provide you with the guidance you need.


The first tip is you should know what a phony psychic looks like. If the psychic tells you that you’re going to die on a specific day or tells you that you’re cursed, then they are most likely phony. Life is always changing and there is no way that anyone can tell when someone else is going to die. No human is privy to that type of information. Also, if the psychic tells you that you’re cursed and you need to buy some expensive cure that only they can provide, then you’re most likely getting ripped off. So, be wary of any psychics that try to get you to buy any expensive service and don’t fall for it.

Another tip is that you should avoid those online psychics that don’t have any real reviews and testimonials. You should note that many sites have fake reviews and you should take your time to find a site that has real reviews from real people. You should avoid paying for readings from the highest rated fortune tellers if they do not have any reviews.  Also, if they have a lot of negative reviews, then you should definitely look elsewhere.

When looking for a good online psychic, you should look for popular blogs by psychics that offer lots of free information and blog posts about spiritual topics. They most likely have a significant following and their free information is quite useful, true and it feels good. If a psychic is negative, then its a good sign that you should avoid getting a reading from them. However, if their website and the articles on their site are very positive and they have a decent following, then you should consider getting a reading from them.

Next, there are different types of psychics and many of them give readings in different ways. Some psychics are mediums who are able to connect with deceased people as well as your spirit guides to give you a highly personal reading. Other psychics use tarot cards, crystal balls, runes and other methods of divination. So, you should have an idea of what type of reading you want before you go looking for a suitable psychic.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of excellent tips that will help you to find the best psychic. However, be sure to take the readings with a grain of salt and you may want to try getting readings from a couple of different psychics for the best advice.

Where To Find Psychic Readings in Charlotte NC

Have you ever wanted to get a psychic reading, but you are not sure who to choose. If you are currently living in Charlotte North Carolina, there are quite a few psychics that offer their services. In fact, Charlotte is well-known for having a lot of paranormal activity. Not only do they have ghost tours, but they have a multitude of psychics, all of which come from different backgrounds. Some of them may offer a free initial readings which is a great way to try them out. Others are simply well-known and they are going to cost quite a bit of money. However, if you want the best psychic readings in Charlotte NC, you usually have to pay for it. Here is how you can get psychic readings from a reputable psychic in Charlotte North Carolina that can provide you with useful information.

Beginner’s Guide To Rune Stones

Do Some Background Research On Them First

Background research on a psychic is a little easier than you would imagine. That’s because a large number of them work for major psychic companies. They will all have a picture of themselves. They will also have reviews and star ratings. It’s sort of like going to Amazon and looking at the different products. However, what the psychics do for each of their clients is well documented in these testimonials. You are able to determine which ones seem to have the best grasp of their psychic abilities. You will want to use one of the ones that has excellent ratings.

What About The Price?

What you will notice about the psychics that have high ratings is that they tend to be the most expensive. Whether they are raising their price because of their popularity, or they simply charge that much yet they are good at what they do, you will never know into you try them. Some of them are extremely adept, and that’s why even with a higher dollar amount per hour, or per session, they tend to have the most clients because they believe in what they are able to do.

If you want to, try several of the psychics that are currently offering free readings. That’s one way to start. The other is to simply choose two or three of the best ones and see what happens. By looking at the ratings, testimonials, and perhaps getting feedback from people that you know, you will be able to choose one of the top psychics that can give you information that can improve your life to some degree.

Get to Know Your Past and Future Through Psychic Readings

mystical universePsychic readings have been a part of many cultures throughout history. There are many different kinds of psychic readings that serve almost every purpose imaginable. It is often said that there are two types of psychic readings the rifts being structured readings and the second being unstructured readings. The difference between the two is that structured readings uses tools whereas unstructured readings do not.

Tools Used For Psychic Readings

There are many tools that can be used for authentic psychic readings. One such tool is a tarot card. Many people have the wrong impression that tarot cards are used for predicting the future when in reality they are used to find the truths within a person. Tarot cards tell the truth about a person’s true identity and who they really are as a person.

Another tool that psychics use are a person’s palms to dictate the future. In the most popular psychic predictions, readings from the dominant hand will tell a person what is going to happen in their work life and readings from the non-dominant hand are used to predict the events to come regarding a person’s love life as well as their dreams.

Rune stones are also a widely used tool for psychic readings and have been used for centuries as they can be made out of many materials including wood, bone, glass, etc. The stones are cast from east to west and a book is consulted to interpret the meaning of the symbols. These are only a few of the many tools used to make predictions.

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic readings are a great example of an unstructured reading. This form of prediction involves a psychic or medium who can access information about the past, present, or future by reading vibrations that translate into symbols or pictures that the psychic or medium can then interpret. These vibrations are believed to come from a non-physical plane that contained a filing system of sorts that contains all information that has ever existed. This type of psychic reading comes from Hinduism and the word akashic actually comes from Sanskrit and means space or sky. The phrase akashic record refers to the collection of mystical knowledge.

Angel cards or oracle cards are also a very common practice as it does not require the best psychic mediums in order to perform this type of reading. It is believed that everyone is accompanied by their angels or beings that provide guidance at all times and in order to receive their guidance and advice or even to reach out for comfort the user of the angel cards need only to ask for them. People often think that angel cards are similar to tarot cards when they actually aren’t very similar at all. While they both can be laid out similarly their purposes are very different.

Explaining How Tarot Card Readings Work

tarot cardsTarot cards readings are among the most popular and well known types of psychic readings available. They are based on the interpretation of a deck of playing cards called a tarot deck. These cards date back to 15th century Europe, and today can be found anywhere from traveling fairs to chain stores. However, just because anyone can purchase a deck does not mean that anyone will necessarily know what to do with it. Just as you wouldn’t entrust other important aspects of your health and well-being to amateurs, or try to perform a medical procedure on yourself, you should also ensure that your psychic needs, including tarot card readings, utilize a trained professional. Here is a brief explanation of various aspects of tarot card decks and readings so that you will know what to expect when you visit a psychic.

The Deck

Tarot cards come in a deck of 78 picture cards with titles. The deck is divided into the Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards). During a tarot card reading, a psychic will shuffle the deck and lay the cards out in various spreads – specific patterns and positions- which can involve anything from one to several cards. These are then used to interpret the past, present and future.

Major Arcana

Cards in the Major Arcana are believed by some to be the most important part of the deck and represent a person’s path through life. These cards depict entities like the fool, the magician, temperance, the lovers, death, the hermit and the wheel of fortune. These are not read literally, but instead each represents a different focus. For example, the appearance of the death card does not mean you or someone else will die, but rather it can signify new opportunities.

Minor Arcana

Cards in the Minor Arcana are believed to explain situations and people that someone might encounter in day to day life. These are divided into four suites, which each correspond to a major element. The suite of wands relates to the fire element. The suite of swords relates to the air element. The suite of cups relates to the water element and the suite of pentacles relates to the earth element.

The Spread

How the tarot cards are arranged on the table is called the spread. There is a great variety of different arrangements a psychic can use, either for general readings or to address specific issues or questions. Among the most simple and common will be the 3 card spread and the Celtic cross. The 3-card spread will have 3 cards placed in a row. They will represent past, present and future. This spread is best suited for quick answers to general questions. The Celtic cross uses 10 cards, 6 arranged in a cross and the remaining 4 in a column on the side. This spread is well suited for generating answers to specific questions or providing an in-depth general reading. Sometimes 11 cards will be used to form the Celtic cross spread.