mystical universePsychic readings have been a part of many cultures throughout history. There are many different kinds of psychic readings that serve almost every purpose imaginable. It is often said that there are two types of psychic readings the rifts being structured readings and the second being unstructured readings. The difference between the two is that structured readings uses tools whereas unstructured readings do not.

Tools Used For Psychic Readings

There are many tools that can be used for authentic psychic readings. One such tool is a tarot card. Many people have the wrong impression that tarot cards are used for predicting the future when in reality they are used to find the truths within a person. Tarot cards tell the truth about a person’s true identity and who they really are as a person.

Another tool that psychics use are a person’s palms to dictate the future. In the most popular psychic predictions, readings from the dominant hand will tell a person what is going to happen in their work life and readings from the non-dominant hand are used to predict the events to come regarding a person’s love life as well as their dreams.

Rune stones are also a widely used tool for psychic readings and have been used for centuries as they can be made out of many materials including wood, bone, glass, etc. The stones are cast from east to west and a book is consulted to interpret the meaning of the symbols. These are only a few of the many tools used to make predictions.

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic readings are a great example of an unstructured reading. This form of prediction involves a psychic or medium who can access information about the past, present, or future by reading vibrations that translate into symbols or pictures that the psychic or medium can then interpret. These vibrations are believed to come from a non-physical plane that contained a filing system of sorts that contains all information that has ever existed. This type of psychic reading comes from Hinduism and the word akashic actually comes from Sanskrit and means space or sky. The phrase akashic record refers to the collection of mystical knowledge.

Angel cards or oracle cards are also a very common practice as it does not require the best psychic mediums in order to perform this type of reading. It is believed that everyone is accompanied by their angels or beings that provide guidance at all times and in order to receive their guidance and advice or even to reach out for comfort the user of the angel cards need only to ask for them. People often think that angel cards are similar to tarot cards when they actually aren’t very similar at all. While they both can be laid out similarly their purposes are very different.